2 Replies to “The Manic Mommies Return”

  1. Essential vs Non Essential? I’m an RN in the ED working 12 hour night shifts through this mess… I qualify manic mommies as abso-freakin-lutely essential during this pandemic. Let’s just say my last shift was not a whole lotta fun. I listened to you ladies and was laughing out loud on my drive home. You are so right, we do have to find some humor, if we’re going to survive. It is grim, it is scary, and it is not getting better for ??? how long. I am grateful to hear your voices again- and the voices and banter with your teens. I would love to compare and contrast notes on the home front situation here- with my spouse having to do 80% of the workload- as I’m attempting to self isolate at home- to try and protect my husband and 3 kids (10, 14 16) from anything that I might be carrying. It might have some perks…

    Also, sometimes I have pretend conversations with you in my head…that’s not weird, right??

    Keep the podcasts coming!!

    1. I’m so glad we are able to prove some laughs and levity to you! Thank you to you, and your spouse, for your service. Hang in there. Stay healthy!

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