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Ozark. Little Fires Everywhere. Leaf Shave. City Lips. This week we talk about the beauty products, entertainment, and cleaning supplies that help make staying home for weeks on end bearable. Like you, we’re shopping online and we’ve fallen for quite a few ads on our social feeds. Find out which ones bring us joy! We also chat with Sophie about turning 15 in quarantine, and what she thinks about growing up with the Manic Mommies.

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5 Replies to “Our Favorite Things in Quarantine”

  1. Hello Kristen & Erin,
    Thrilled you guys are podcasting again! Love your chemistry and your conversations! Just curious if your favorite things “City Lips” and the mascara are sponsors? Or are they truly products you love?

    1. Hi Heidi! Glad you are enjoying the show. It’s fun to be back. All the items we recommended are products we love – no sponsorships or affiliates! (I thought about adding affiliate links to anything on Amazon, but that seemed like a lot of work).

  2. Thanks so much for your list! I am definitely checking some of these out. My favorite new thing is my DrinkWorks cocktail machine by Keurig!!! It’s perfect for me—I love cocktails but don’t have a well-stocked bar (one bottle of gin and one of vodka and usually no juice or mixers on hand), so this gives me bar quality cocktails in a wide variety whenever I’m feeling like a happy hour! I bought a 16 cocktail starter pack to sample everything, and will stock up later on my favorites. Genius.

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