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As America reopens, we’re struggling with our decision-making capabilities. Can you safely swim in your neighbor’s pool on a hot, sunny day? BYOB to a gathering with a few friends? What about getting a haircut? Or eating at a restaurant? This week we discuss what’s considered low to high risk and debate what we’re most comfortable with. Later, we talk about mothers who are quitting their jobs because of coronavirus.

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5 Replies to “Safety First”

  1. I would love to see the link to the tik tok you mentioned about the graduates in the field. I laughed OUT LOUD so hard at that!!!

  2. The gravitational pull of humans is real. But what feels comfortable to people is different in different cultures. U.S. Americans tend to have a fairly big need for personal space – about 3-4 feet. I lived in China for several years as an English teacher and discovered how real the need is to adjust for that “perfect” distance. At a weekly conversational get-together in the park I found myself talking with a young professional for quite some time. As the person came into my space, I stepped backward ever so slightly. It wasn’t until I was pinned against a bush and couldn’t move back any further that I realized just how uncomfortable it can be to not to be the “right” distance apart. For nearly all of us humans, 6 feet is just too far. (Necessary, but definitely not comfortable.)

    1. That’s so interesting – I always assumed we were “close talkers” given how people hover together. 6′ is so far – I’ve decided social distancing is made easier with chairs. Hard to move those!

  3. Hi ladies! I’m catching up on episodes and in this one you mentioned setting up a tent on your neighbors lawn. I have to tell you that when everything closed and we all started working from home my husband pitched a tent in the backyard and that is where I worked from. We put a little rug, a couple folding tables and my 15yo put up some string lights for me. You know what never gets old? Being on zoom and somebody asking “where ARE you?”. Now that school is done The tent is put away and I’m off for the summer but I’ll never forget the coziest office I ever had!

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