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This week we’re living life in different reopening phases and we’re searching for clarity. We talk about the challenges of creating a trusted small social circle of friends and we miss the days when advance prep wasn’t required to do seemingly simple, straightforward errands. Then we turn our attention to more serious matters in our country and share suggested resources for families.


Check Voter Registration Status —And be sure your teen registers and votes in local elections when they turn 18.

What to Say to Kids When the News is Scary

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Black Twitter 101

George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. What Do We Tell Our Children?

Here’s How You Can Demand Justice for George Floyd

What it Really Means When You Say “All Lives Matter.”

We Can’t Just Show Up for Social Justice Issues When it Impacts our Own Lives —A good read for teens

Project Implicit at Harvard University

White Allies: Here’s  a List of Basic Dos and Dont’s to Help You with Your Helplessness

One Reply to “Opening Up”

  1. Thank you for talking about the protests that have sprung from the murder of George Floyd. In my opinion it was a long time coming. Being in Minneapolis, it is hard to believe that something that happened so close to me has affected the world. My office is only a mile from where George Floyd was murdered. What is amazing is how so many people realize that changes need to be made. I am white and grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis. I now work at an all black law firm. I will never pretend to understand what my coworkers have experienced their whole lives. What I can do is learn from them and help make change. That is how I have been talking to my children about this. I have brought my 13 year old daughter down to my office so she could see the destruction and now the rebuilding. Once she saw it with her own eyes she had a lot of questions. For her, it really hit her when she saw it with her own eyes. It wasn’t just something on t.v. or a something that happened somewhere else.

    At first all the buildings around my officer were boarded up. It seemed like a hurricane was going to hit in Minnesota. Now people have painted murals on the boards. It is amazing how good is coming out of this horrible act. If anybody is interested in seeing pictures, I have posted them on my facebook page. I have before and after. pictures. If you have problems looking you can send me a message and will friend you.

    I know this is a long comment but I feel I had to share.

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