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SATs are canceled, again. Tours are held virtually. Visitors are discouraged from visiting. We’re talking about how to do a college search in the time of COVID. We also discuss how a rapidly changing news cycle that could break even the most enthusiastic news junkie, made this week—to quote someone on Twitter—the longest year ever. Erin and Kristin start their new podcasting schedule, look for new shows every other week.

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  1. Hey Manic Mommies,

    I was listening to this week’s show, and just wanted to say that the college search thing is nuts. Add in a child with any LD and then it becomes interesting. I have now been through the process twice: once with my neurotypical oldest, and again with my middle son who only came off his IEP for reading comprehension and decoding, writing, and executive function in February. However, that didn’t stop him from applying to schools. Neither of my kids allowed me to read their essays, and both did their applications mostly on their own. The reason for my message, is that if you’re looking for smaller colleges, but that have lacrosse in any form, look outside of MA too. My oldest is at University of Hartford, they give money and have a GREAT Junior college program, so my son “graduated” with an associates and will get his bachelors in May 2022. Quinnipiac is another smaller school in CT. My middle guy is at Towson University in MD. While not as big as UMD, it is a reasonably sized state school. The choices out there are endless. I wish Anders good luck with the process, and Kristin I wish you good luck as you guide him through the process. May you both come out the other side unharmed. 😉

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