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This week we’re talking about all the ways we are feeling older with expanding waistlines, alcohol migraines, and jowls that didn’t seem to be there before we zoomed all day long. Then we ask what the long-term effects of the pandemic might be on our personality types. Can an extrovert forced to stay at home eventually become an introvert? Maybe being shut in all winter is just fine.

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2 Replies to “It’s beginning to look a lot like…. menopause”

  1. Omg Erin! I have Hashimoto’s (the autoimmune thyroid disease that’s the opposite of Graves’ disease)! I have so many thoughts and am empathetic with you’re new journey. Take care!!

    1. Maybe we can have a chat sometime. I know some people with Hashimoto’s also. Why is every thyroid condition discovered by people with deadly sounding names? Graves Disease is not exactly a confidence builder.

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