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We’re all stressed. Add the dark days of January, blocked contact tracing, and violence in our halls of democracy —it’s all too much. Maybe that’s why we’re spewing so many curse words these days. We have our favorites and in this episode, we use them. Warning: not appropriate for young kiddos.

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3 Replies to “Hitting the Pandemic Wall”

  1. Tip on increasing odds of getting Covid vaccine: make sure to register on medical portals for any system you have visited in the last 18 months. I randomly got a text invite ( several pre-existing conditions) out of the blue and got vaccinated round 1 today. I live near a huge medical center. I think I received left over medical staff vaccine that they were extending to their patients.

    I have observed that seniors who don’t visit doctors are having a hard time getting appointments as they have to get it through health dept.

    So if you’ve been avoiding the docs get in the system! If you haven’t visited in awhile make an appt. If you get a text answer fast.

    1. Emma, great advice and yes, as much as we might dread online portals, they are extremely efficient at identifying groups by demographic information, diagnosis, etc. Congrats on getting your shot of hope!

  2. We have a fake Roomba that we named Zoomba–not very original. The brand is Housmile and ordered it from Amazon about 2 years ago. It’s fairly good. We have three dogs so it helps with the dog hair. We believe that it’s trying to escape our house or hide. I use an Exacto knife to cut all the hair out of it about once a week.

    I also have a High School Senior son and dealing with college decisions. Part of me wants to pack him up in a box and drop him off at the college now. He is staying home for the first year. I think it’s a girlfriend-based decision but just happy that my kid got in somewhere..

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