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Kristin’s family finally takes a road trip for a change of scenery and encounters a strange, new world out there. And yet still there are arguments over where to stop for lunch. This week we’re talking about how quickly things seem to be changing and after a year of living in limbo, we’re not sure we’re ready. Are you?

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One Reply to “On the Road Again”

  1. OMG, I’m not too fond of Dr. Seuss. The books creeped me out as a kid, and I steered my kids away from him. That and Pandas — it’s a long story. I had the book If I ran the zoo, and it made me sad as a kid. I didn’t know why but I hide it in the back of the bookcase. I so disliked “made-up words”. Give me a real word or a word from a different language but not a made-up word. I love looking things up in dictionaries. Yes, I was opinonated nerdy kid.

    You made me laugh when you were talking about the road trip packing. The minute my kids get in the car, my kids want to stop at a gas station and grab everything from jerky to Doritos. I pack stuff, but his husband claimed that jerky was “car” food. My entitled children think that it’s a necessity. Nothing like smelling jerky for 14+ hours.

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