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The Teen Years Pandemic Edition of Manic Mommies is coming to a close. Our firstborns are heading off to college so it seems only appropriate for us to graduate from podcasting a second time. We are frankly exhausted by COVID and just can’t talk about it anymore. If you haven’t gotten a shot yet, please, do your part for humanity. We all need to protect the  most vulnerable including children! To stay in touch, follow us on social. Until next time, stay healthy and take good care.

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2 Replies to “Goodbye, for now”

  1. Thanks ladies! I pulled up this episode the day after I dropped off my oldest at college… “Goodbye, for now” is extremely fitting. Thank you for the years of laughter – it always helps with the tears! You’ve given so much to so many and I know I speak for Moms all over – we are so grateful.
    Good luck in the next phase of distance-parenting.

  2. Hi Erin & Kristin,
    Thanks for coming back for round two – maybe even funnier and definitely even more appreciated than when I listened over 10 years ago after the birth of my 2nd child in 2005!! You two provided many smiles then and again over the last year. Erin’s dad not realizing the conversation was a podcast and asking why anyone would listen had me cracking up. Kristin talking about (not) managing her son’s volunteer hours totally resonated as I was ordering tin can flip tops on eBay to send in to school to get hours for my own kids!!
    Love your take on the election and other politics of the day and your outlook on parenting n general.
    Thanks for doing it all…and then some!!
    Wishing all the best to you and your families as we all move forward in this crazy world .

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